Cut down existing weeds and add some compost. Then cover entire area with overlapping paper or cardboard (6 More cardboard is better than less. Any gaps will allow weeds to grow through. For invasive plants such as crab grass or blackberry use 3-6 layers of cardboard.  (23kb) Do not use any GLOSSY or WAXY material!!! Worms and microbes (fungus & bacteria) will digest the cardboard layer in 3-6 months. (earthworm casting for free!)  (35kb) You can use any material which will 'ROT' when in contact with the soil, such as waste paper, cotton sheets or clothing, compost or wool carpet. AVOID any toxic or synthetic material like polyester or colored glossy paper.  (36kb) Place a 1
If you would like a 'clean' look, cover the top of the mulch with a 1 In a few months you will have a growing flower bed (if you seeded it, see previous page) or you can plant directly into the mulch using a small amount of compost around the roots of any potted plants. 1 gallon of compost for 4