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Ginkgo biloba

picture: mid-August 2004


NB: this species has survived for at least 70 million years; it is often referred to as a living fossil.

NB this species has separate male and female trees

Uses/Part used:

Catchtail Comments:
Our Ginkgo tree is but a wee little baby, but it's leaves are nonetheless beautiful! Being a fan of the German poet Goethe and also of the beautiful ginkgo, I will share the following with you:

Gingo biloba

This tree’s leaf which here the East
In my garden propagates,
On its secret sense we feast,
Such as sages elevates.

Is it one but being single
Which as same itself divides ?
Are there two which choose to mingle,
So that one each other hides ?

As the answer to such question
I’ve found a sense that’s true:
Is it not my songs’s suggestion
That I’m one and also two ?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
AD 1815 - Love Poem to
Marianne von Willemer


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